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The Rolling Adventures.. and others. May 26, 2009

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Last Friday Mya turned 2 months old!  We can’t believe how fast it’s gone by, how much she’s grown, and how much we are all learning from each other every day.  Mya is a very strong girl mentally and physically, and we can already tell she has such a vivacious personality.

As of today she’s able to hold her head up 98% of the time (when she’s very tired she becomes very lethargic and bobble-head-y),  she can smile and giggle, she’s cooing a lot and “talking” to people, furniture, stuffed animals, shadows and pillows, basically anything she sees and can make friends with.  She can “stand”:  hold her own weight on straight legs, while being balanced, and do this for as long as 10 or 15 consecutive minutes – I will post pictures of proof soon!  She can also do a half-roll over when placed on her belly, which I documented below.  Unfortunately the armrest of the chaise got in her way and she didn’t make it onto her back, which she can do…

Enjoy the cute documentary of Mya’s Roll Over Adventure below:

Starting out on her belly.

Just starting out...

The look of determination!

The look of determination!

Giggle break with mama...  Pretty sure she was saying, "Easy as pie!"

Giggle break with mama...

"Talking" to mama - maybe she was saying "That was the easy part."?

"Talking" - maybe she was saying "That was the easy part."?

"The Push-Off"

"The Push-Off"

a little rest..

a little rest..

Contentment:  a job well done.  (To Be Continued...)

Contentment! (To Be Continued...)


I had misplaced our camera for a week or so.  So now, having it back, I have been quite shutter-happy in the last few days.  Here are some highlights:

Much more to come…


One Response to “The Rolling Adventures.. and others.”

  1. K-Mama Says:

    Yay, Mya! I can’t believe she’s rolling already… It’s such a pleasure to see you all and watch her change. Smooch that girl for me!

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